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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Threats to Pakistan after The OBL operation and PAF base ATTACK (conspiracy by ILLUMINATI to nail down PAKISTAN for achieving NWO)


This short paper will look at the current geo political situation that Pakistan faces. The aftermath of the “Osama” event has raised the threat levels for Pakistan and brought out in the open the atrocious designs of our so called strategic partner, the USA. 

The threats are multiple and complex, the response has to be equally befitting and effective to counter the perilous security environment that is being created in and around Pakistan.

Three Prolonged Threats:


The transformation of Israel from a midget to an ugly giant is in the making. The grand design of Zionist expansionism is to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile. The current chaos in the Middle East must be understood with this Zionist plan. No doubt many of the people taking part in the Middle East uprisings are genuinely doing so for their natural rights but Israel has full plans to manipulate the chaos in order to create an environment and an excuse for the nest big war in the Middle East. 

The Americans as usual will blindly support Israel like a slave fulfills every wish of his master however before Israel can impose another war it has a problem that is still stopping it from moving ahead. This problem is not Iran nor Syria it is the nuclear deterrence of Pakistan, plus the advance missile technology and highly well-trained and ideologically-motivated Pakistan armed forces.
Israel has always tried to sabotage the Pakistani nuclear program but miserably failed; now it is trying again through the Americans who have staged the Osama drama to put pressure on Pakistan and create a serious threat to its nuclear installations. The US at the behest of Israel is using its corporate media to spread negative propaganda about the safety of the Pakistani nuclear assets and some reports have even suggested that if things were to become volatile in Pakistan, the Americans will physically move in to secure the nuclear assets. This is easier said than done and the Pakistan Armed forces have made all the contingency plans to counter such nefarious US designs.
The reader must understand that all the hue and cry about the ISI and all the fake reports planted in the media that exaggerate the reports of militants' power is nothing more than a carefully conceived deception to convince the large ignorant public that the Pakistani nuclear program is 'a threat'. The fact of the matter is that all the Pakistani strategic installations and assets are well protected and no one can get close to the installations, let alone infiltrating them.

The proposed map of a "Greater Israel"

Israel is planning to wage a grand war in the Middle East as it hopes to fulfill its plan of creating what it calls a ‘Greater Israel’. A significant spoke in the wheels for Israel is the nuclear capability of Pakistan. Israel understands that unlike the easy targets in the Middle East, Pakistan not only has the strategic arsenal but also the capability of posing a serious threat to Israel’s future hegemonic plans in the region. 

The humiliating defeat that the Americans now clearly see in Afghanistan is making Israel panic and pushing it towards a new misadventure. In the fast changing Middle East scenario and the final show down in Afghanistan, Pakistan must be ready to respond to and efficiently counter all possible threats. 

2. The United States of America

It is obvious to the world that the American military industrial complex like all the previous empires that tried to conquer Afghanistan are failing and now looking for a face-saving exit. The staged hoax at Abbottabad was also done for this purpose so that the American president can tell his people "the mission’ has been accomplished". There is no need to go into too much detail, it sufficient to note that various independent sources over the years have confirmed that Osama died many years back. The failure of the US administration to provide any proof only goes to confirm that the recent claims are nothing more than well staged lies

The Americans know they have to leave, with the spring offensive “Operation Badar” now well underway the Afghan Taliban have launched major offensives which are raising the cost of war for the Americans both in human and monetary terms. 
  Map of Afghanistan (red regions are Taliban strongholds, pink regions are areas with Taliban activity and minimum government control)

The US wants to damage Pakistan before it leaves Afghanistan. In addition, it still dreams of somehow causing harm to Pakistan' nuclear deterrence and it is for this purpose that the CIA has been stabbing Pakistan in the back and playing a double game with the ISI. 

The Americans have also been engaged in questionable activities inside Pakistan and the increased tensions between ISI and CIA have reached unprecedented levels. It is encouraging to see that finally the defence establishment in the country has effected a reduction in the US military/ intelligence staff in Pakistan.

3. India

Those who closely monitor Indian defence and foreign policy understand very well that India always attempts to harm Pakistani interests whenever any opportunity arises. India has and will always try to stab Pakistan in the back. Majority of Pakistanis understand the sinister Indian designs and also realize that any moves to normalize the relations between the two countries hold no real value for if a country’s defence and ideological doctrine is based on damaging your country and threatening your very existence, then peace is nothing more than wishful thinking. Indeed, a few Pakistanis fall for such moves like 'Aman ki Asha'; some out of pure  naivety while some who are traitors in the ranks and guilty of treason. 

The pragmatic and patriotic elements in Pakistan understand the Indian subversive activities being carried out in Pakistan. There is irrefutable evidence that India has been trying to destabilize Pakistan and therefore no talk of peace can be taken seriously by a neighbor that spends billions in trying to harm your country.

While the threats from India must never be underestimated, it is also important to make India realize that attacking Pakistan will not be in India’s own interest and may result in consequences that bring the end to its existence. The reader will understand that I am alluding to the separatist movements in India which can easily flare up if any sort of conflict is to erupt between the two nuclear states. The separatist movements in India have the potential to weaken the federation and eventually disintegrate it. The dynamics can take a much more dire turn in case India engages in any future conflict with Pakistan.


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