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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Express Tribune Uncovered- Detailed Analysis


Up till now we(ILLUMINATI-Reality) have been exposing the biggest fifth column of the country i.e Geo TV .
But, through our thorough research and observation, we have realized that Express Network is also following the footsteps of JEW TV.
According to facts, Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media
And unfortunately much part of our media is also controlled by them, We have already exposed JEW TV and JANG. Now, its time to move forward in exposing other [arts of this “Weapon of Mass Deception”
Just a few days ago, on 19th March Ahmed Quraishi wrote a mind blowing article:

Ahmed Quraishi is a very patriotic journalist, who writes only for Pakistan, not for personal gains
The link to his article:

Before moving ahead, please read the above given article.
It is very much clear form the article that Express Tribune banned Miss Shireen Mazari from writing column for their newspaper, because she criticized U.S. This further clarifies that Express Tribune is influenced by some very strong pro-U.S force, Who is that force? The answer is simply Farah Naz Ispahani, the wife of traitor ambassador Hussain Haqqani !! Who manages media, and try to align them as pro-U.S only!
Is this Freedom of Expression?

Freedom of Expression is one of the trademarks which are used to justify the insult Holy Quran and Holy Prophet(S.A.W.W) but the same term stops working when you speak against U.S!
Freedom of Expression by Allama Iqbal (R.A):

آزادی افکار سے ہے انکی تباہی
رکھتے نہیں جو فکر و تدبر کا سلیقہ
ہوفکر اگر خام تو آزادی افکار
انسان کو حیوان بنانے کا طریقہ

Such behavior of Express Tribune justifies the Genocide of millions of innocent people at the hand of U.S.
Moreover if you look at the links of Express Tribune with international media, You would see that it is associated with International Herald Tribune, Which is owned by John Hay Whitney family, who was the former embassador of U.S!
International Herald Tribune is jointly owned by “The Washington Post” and “New York Times” and both these newspapers are considered to be the right hand of U.S government in Print media,
Are you getting What I means?
I mean that Express Tribune is indirectly controlled by U.S government!!

Express Tribune also publishes filthy material which is infiltrating the minds of our youth with modernism which has nothing to do with Islam.
For example:
Poonam's bare not for all, only Team India what does Express Tribune wants to prove with this news?
Hating Terry Jones is bad for Muslims By the very title, spreadin hopelessness.
Family planning: Use the rod, spare the child with new contraceptive. Encouraging Adultery!!
April fool: The ultimate merger It is supporting April Fool.
To veil or not to veil Defaming Veil
Islam and secularism: imagining new realities Comparing Secularism with Islam!!
Banning opinion: What would Gandhi do? Ok , now see the hypocrisy, They are against the banning of a book of Gandhi, but they themselves Banned Miss Shireen Mazari when se objected on U.S!! Can you smell the PRo-Indian and Pro-U.S lobby in Express Tribune, any sensible person would do!!
Please think over all that is said above!!


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