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Monday, 15 August 2011

HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Program) - Detailed Analysis

The HAARP Weapon: Explosion of Air Blue and the Flooding of one fifth of Pakistan.
There are many interesting writings on HAARP technology and how it “may be” behind a strong of recent freak weather conditions and global catastrophes.
Just stop for one second and consider
That we have almost had yearly global environmental catastrophes, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, more earthquakes, floods and no one freakish than the floods that have shattered Pakistan.
I have come across another interesting read on the internet.
link is as follows;
An independent article writes as follows;
For those of you unfamiliar with the HAARP program, I quote the following from their website:
“HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.
The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of:
* The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
* A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.
Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.”
This is a video that explains how HAARP can cause Major Earthquakes
“The United States Congressional record deals with the use of HAARP for penetrating the earth with signals bounced off of the ionosphere. These signals are used to look inside the planet to a depth of many kilometers in order to locate underground munitions, minerals and tunnels. The U.S. Senate set aside $15 million dollars in 1996 to develop this ability alone — earth-penetrating-tomography. The problem is that the frequency needed for earth-penetrating radiation is within the frequency range most cited for disruption of human mental functions. It may also have profound effects on migration patterns of fish and wild animals which rely on an undisturbed energy field to find their routes.
As if electromagnetic pulses in the sky and mental disruption were not enough, T. Eastlund bragged that the super-powerful ionospheric heater could control weather.
Begich and Manning brought to light government documents indicating that the military has weather-control technology. When HAARP is eventually built to its full power level, it could create weather effects over entire hemispheres. If one government experiments with the world’s weather patterns, what is done in one place will impact everyone else on the planet. Angels Don’t Play This HAARP explains a principle behind some of Nikola Tesla’s inventions — resonance — which affect planetary systems.” (source)
What isn’t mentioned above is the fact that the earth has its own magnetic field. The Illuminati know this, and try to locate their Capitals on the grid where the field is the strongest, believing that the location makes communication with the Spirit World more intense. In fact, almost every city in the world builds its street grid following the “ley lines”, or lines on the grid which have the greatest electromagnetic energy. Usually, in the United States, this is Main Street and State Street. Just look for the street where many churches and fortune tellers are located.
So, HAARP takes huge amounts of energy directed at our ionosphere and bounces it back to earth. This disrupts the magnetic field and can cause a massive earthquake, like we saw today in Chile, Haitia and Azaad Kashmir. By the way, many of the recent earthquakes were preceded by colorful disruptions in the atmosphere characteristic of HAARP.
Recent Chinese Earthquake
HAARP Light Over Haiti before Earthquake:
Even More interesting than the lights that have appeared over the Japanese and Chili earthquakes (sorry no images yet) is the apparent strategic locations of these quakes. An unconfirmed report states that the Russians also know about this “earthquake weapon”
“According to an unconfirmed report by the Russian Northern Fleets, the tragic earthquake in Haiti was caused by a US navy earthquake weapon that went “horribly wrong,” reports Press TV. The weapons test was originally supposed to be used against Iran but caused the cataclysmic earthquake in the Caribbean country.
The purpose of the earthquake weapon being used against Iran, according to the Russian report, was to topple the current Islamic system in the country.
Vive TV reports that the unconfirmed Russian report also suggests that the US instigated the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean earlier this month. That earthquake did not cause any deaths or injuries but did damage many residential and commercial buildings.
The report further states that the system carrying out these tests is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). The data also coincides with a previous report that associates the 2008 7.8 magnitude earthquake in China with HAARP.
Although Russia has accused the US of holding such a type of weapon, a Georgia Green Party leader claimed that Moscow, allegedly possessing similar weapons, caused an earthquake on Georgian territory several years ago.” (source)
Now for the analysis:
1. Japan is Moving Towards Breaking Ties with the US: the earthquake took place the day after the article broke. The video above shows that Japan has been threatened before by our “earthquake machine”. This one could have also been a “Russian” HAARP job that targeted the Okinawa military installation.
2. Haiti was possibly a test. Or it could have been the result of the Illuminati Psychopaths to continue their campaign of eradicating the Black race. The lack of an immediate response to the disaster makes this a very real possibility.
3. This Chili Earthquake will generate Tsunami waves that hit will Russia and China and possibly Japan very hard. It could have been a US HAARP event, or a Chinese one targeting Japan. I would tend to believe that the Chinese and Russians also want to send the Japanese a message.
4. Pakistan and especially the NWF region remote mountainous regions allowing the elusive Afghan Taliban to move to and fro Pakistan & Afghanistan successively mounting operations on the US and NATO. A region NATO or USA or for that matter any of the worlds professional armies can NEVER win a war in given the geography of this region. Could it be the hAARP was used to flush them out but no one knew the extent of the flooding and in doing so ALL Nato supply lines are now blocked. This therefore has been a axe on own foot situation – choking USA and NATO in Afghanistan.
If I am right, we are in for a whole slew of retaliatory HAARP induced earthquakes and Yellowstone will be a primary target.
I am almost near 100% certain on this one Folks. You better make sure you are prepared.
According to Dr. Rosalie Bertell, (a world renowned scientist) HAARP is part of an integrated weapons’ system, which has potentially devastating environmental consequences: “It is related to fifty years of intensive and increasingly destructive programs to understand and control the upper atmosphere.” She is also quoted as saying, “HAARP is a gigantic heater that can cause major disruption in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding this planet.”

HAARP represents a potentially significant global threat. It has the potential to modify the weather, using natural forces as weapons of war, causing earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanic disturbances, hurricanes, not to mention mind control uses. HAARP can also be linked to Chemtrails.
HAARP technology has the ability to ‘zap’ areas of the ionosphere through a radio wave beam and heat it, causing electromagnetic low-frequency (ELF) waves to bounce back to earth. These are the frequency ranges which can cause disruptions in the human brain. Furthermore, ELF waves can have a devastating effect on food production. (Note: ‘famine’ is one of the signs of the End Time according to Matthew 24).
Is HAARP already manipulating the weather?

The New World Order is now in possession of airwaves technologies which can cause severe damage to the DNA blueprints of all life on earth!
People are writing extensively about this dangerous weapon across the globe asking for information. The EU itself has asked for disclosure on this subject from the USA government. To this date, the USA has not disclosed the nature of their HAARP technology.
“The layer of ionosphere which is excited by HAARP influences the radio and electronic equipment which is installed in the military hardware: Fire control and guidance systems, fire adjustment equipment, navigation systems, etc. As a result, an aircraft or a missile will be damaged if they fly through the beam,” Col Plaksin said.
Read More
Could the above explain how Air Blue blew up, was it caught up in a HAARP beam of some kind and why was this beam if it were over Islamabad.
These are real questions that people must ask and look into.
And this is by far not the only consequence of implementation of the HAARP program. Compared to, say, nuclear weapons, geophysical weapons are much more powerful. And if, say, the beam is sent to Britain, it can make the country dysfunctional in a matter of seconds.
So, some scientists say that a group of the military who use the geophysical weapon might bring the economy of an entire country on its knees in a few years’ time – and no one will understand anything.
The most dangerous thing is that even developers cannot say with certainty what will happen to the planet and how ionosphere will react to the attack with these rays if the system is switched to the maximum power. As is known, ionosphere and the ozone layer protect the Earth from the deadly cosmic radiation. The electromagnetic cannon of the HAARP system will damage ionosphere, and the cosmic radiation will be able to reach the surface of the planet.
Moreover, the effects of this know-how (as published) cannot be controlled, some researchers say. Even a single use of this weapon may result in so-called trigger effect which no one will be able to stop: Earthquakes, sudden cooling on the global scale, etc. In the opinion of Canadian scientist Rosalie Bertel, who is studying the effects of wars on the environment, intense disturbance of ionosphere may result in a release of huge masses of free electrons – so-called electron showers. For its part, this might result in the change of electric potential of the poles and ensuing shift of the magnetic pole of the Earth. Simply speaking, the planet will “capsize.” So the location of the north pole will become uncertain
Read More
I think people all over the world and their governments need to come together and demand answers from the USA.
I for one was baffled by the Air Blue plane crash a night before the floods swamped 1/5 of Pakistan. Based on my read ons on HAARP it certainly fits the bill.
The Air Blue Flight unable to fly through the beam (Again alarm bells should ring as to why the beam was directly over Islamabad – was it the intended target), unable to land it all findings appear to an explosion in the air. A completely freak explosion of a mid sized airplane.
Then came the floods that are ravaging The Indus Valley – throughout history nothing of this magnitude has been witnessed in this region. A completely unannounced weather anomaly that played havoc with the monsoon jet stream creating a monsoon of gigantic proportion completely off the scale.
No one across the world was prepared for this, let alone the Pakistani Government.
How did it occur and does it not resonate HAARP technology.
This is not a concern for Pakistan, China and Russia alone but for free nations across the world.
You must unite and question this evil that may well be in the hands of the USA government. What better way to cripple a nation and then win their hearts and minds through funding, the funding comes from profits of war from scourging the resources of their land and the land of their neighbours.
Do not take this lightly, HAARP technology is part of the infamous Star Wars defense programme but is essentially an A grade Weapons Programme.
If this is true, people this is truly an apocalyptic weapon that MUST be brought to the public attention and the WORLD MUST UNITE as ONE.!!!!!!!


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